Raising Happy and Successful Teens

with Sarah Chana Radcliffe

On their last stop before adulthood, become the guide your teen needs to successfully navigate this challenging yet crucial developmental stage.

January 14, 2021 // 12 PM Eastern / 7 PM Israel Encore 9 PM Eastern


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The language

Stop the bickering and back-talking by learning the language of this new stage and opening up a safe line of communication between the two of you

The skills

Give your teen the skills to face the onslaught of challenges that accompany the teenage years instead of feeling like she's slipping away from you


Empower your teen to think and question without fear or anger while providing a trust-worthy sounding board to help work out the answers


Discover how to set boundaries in a way that engenders mutual respect and encourages your teen to take responsibility for his or her attitude, and actions

Peace of Mind

Stay calm and level-headed when your teen is at her worst, so you create an environment that she will want to come home to, rather than seeking out escape elsewhere

What other parents are saying

"I just wanted to send a thank you message to Sarah Chana for her helping me in this time of crisis. I feel like I have my own personal therapist holding my hand and guiding me lovingly through all this turmoil. I started the class crying and ended laughing along with Sarah Chana’s soft, friendly, encouraging laughter. She is truly heaven sent."

- K.F. (New York, NY)

"I am so grateful to Hashem, to Jewish Workshops, and to Sarah Chana for helping me become the parent I am becoming."

- M.D. (Sparr, FL)

"Thanks for providing this amazing and vital resource! It keeps me grounded and focused as a woman, wife and mother, I feel that I'm learning valuable concepts each week."

- L.T. (Columbus, OH)

"Everything is getting better learning from Mrs. Radcliffe! The more I learn the healthier life is getting with marriage, parenting, self-help for emotions and bad habits, understanding myself and my inner world, and knowing what needs to be done and which tools might work for me or my family when I or they don't feel settled mentally or emotionally."

- H.G. (New York, NY)

About the Expert

Sarah Chana Radcliffe

A registered member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario, Sarah Chana Radcliffe has been practicing marriage, parenting and individual counseling for over 40 years. Sarah Chana is a well sought-after lecturer on stress management, relationships, anger management and emotional well-being. She is the author of Raise Your Kids Without Raising Your Voice, The Fear Fix, Make Yourself at Home and 5 other books on family life and emotional well-being. 

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