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Coronavirus and Us

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  • Connect to an ongoing source of spiritual growth through short bursts of inspiration to accommodate your on-the-go lifestyle
  • Bring deeper meaning to your everyday experience instead of feeling stuck in a repetitive daily routine
  • Begin your spiritual path towards greater achievement and fulfillment instead of feeling like you're at a spiritual standstill 
  • Overcome hurdles such as fear and self-doubt that have prevented you from greater accomplishment
  • React with greater spiritual calculation throughout your daily interactions instead of harmful reactions based on impulse and emotion
  • Discover the systematic method for growth taught by Rabbi Noach Weinberg through his groundbreaking book The 48 Ways to Wisdom

Plus bonuses 

Goals: Where Are You Heading? Learn the art of better decision-making and bring greater purpose to your day-to-day experience with renowned lecturer, Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller. (VALUE $97)  

Secrets to Mazal You will explore the elegant relationship between Divine providence, free will and mazal as noted lecturer and bestselling author, Dr. David Lieberman reveals the power and parameters assigned to each. (VALUE $97)  

Artificial Resuscitation: The Key to Mitzvah Observance Examine your relationship to G-d and how it translates to mitzah observance with renowned lecturer, Rav Gav Friedman. (VALUE $97)  


A new membership format for an on-the-go lifestyle

  • Weekly Power-Up Videos from Rabbi Coopersmith, giving you the guidance you need to continue upward, in a short, palatable video format for easy on-the-go listening 
  • “Ask the Rabbi” direct email support with Rabbi Coopersmith giving you the ability to ask questions and discuss concepts throughout your journey 
  • Monthly LIVE Q&A sessions with Rabbi Coopersmith giving you the ability to take part in live discussion and gain insight from other community members  

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There is no obligation. Your membership is ongoing and you may cancel whenever you want by calling (718) 736-2925 or emailing

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With Rabbi Nechemia Coopersmith 

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  • Weekly power-up videos from Rabbi Coopersmith 
  • “Ask the Rabbi” email access 
  • Monthly live Q&A session 
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About Rabbi Nechemia Coopersmith

Rabbi Nechemia Coopersmith lives in Jerusalem with his wife and children. He is the chief editor of He is the author of Shmooze: A Guide to Thought-Provoking Discussion on Essential Jewish Issues, and the co-author of Rabbi Noah Weinberg’s 48 Ways to Wisdom and Wisdom for Living: Rabbi Noah Weinberg of the Parsha.

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