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Chaya Hinda Allen is one of the top experts in coaching. She has helped me tremendously. I hit a block where nothing else worked. Her comprehensive knowledge and resources are unmatched by anyone else I have worked with.

-Chaya Hinda Allen Community Member

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Be Inspired

Chaya Hinda's plunges into the depths of emotional and spiritual health as they tie together from a Torah perspective. Her vast knowledge becomes evident as she approaches each and every challenge and character trait through a scholarly lens.

Feel Supported

Chaya Hinda Allen expresses a profound understanding of each and every member in her community. Her empathy is only tempered by her unbounding enthusiasm as she leads her members through challenges great and small and guides them to a place of light and healing.

"She brings Hashem into the center of your life, with sensitivity, brilliance, patience, kindness, compassion and humor."

"When you are in the dark she takes you gently by the hand and together you walk on the path until you come to a clearing where you feel and see the light of Hashem."

"She has helped me so much to reach a closer connection to myself and ultimately to Hashem."

Pearls of Wisdom From the Expert

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Hi! I'm Chaya Hinda Allen

Over the past 15 years I have been teaching thousands of women from more than 10 countries how to make changes in life, tap into their innate greatness and overcome tremendous obstacles. Through my teleconferences, webinars, lectures and coaching It has been my profound pleasure to help women gain the practical tools to gain more happiness, inner peace, better relationships, success, and closeness with Hashem.

Come and join me on the journey and experience for yourself the wonderful, awe inspiring, positive revolution in your life as you learn to live consciously. 

I'm excited for you to begin. A new door is opening before you, you've just turned the key...

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